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Viktor&Rolf Magic Collection

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feb 24 2017

Everyone needs a little magic. Continuing in the spirit of their enchanting universe, Viktor&Rolf present a collection of six magic fragrances: transformative illusions, dedicated to making the impossible, possible.

Each fragrance is a masterful composite, blending raw and natural materials with innovative accords. They are a touch of magic.

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As Beauty Magicians, we create fragrance illusions.



Magic Collection

These six fragrance illusions each have a two-word name referencing both their olfactory and magical elements. Aptly named by Viktor&Rolf as magical riddles, the Magic Collection is comprised of:

Lavender Illusion the illusion of the classic lavender magically turned into a precious flower

Liquid Diamonds the transformation of the hardest precious stone into liquid 

Dirty Trick the ubiquity of precious iris and provocative ink

Sage Spell the addiction of sage becoming a transcending plant

Sparkling Secret the sublimation of a fusing cologne

Dancing Roses the captivating dream of levitating rose petals 


A collection of modern day illusory spells, each one a paradoxical fusion of natural ingredients and innovative accords.