Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 'Haute Fantaisie': In absence of real-time catwalk shows, for Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 Viktor&Rolf propose a 'Couture Rave': an imaginary show inspired by parties that were and parties to come. While aiming to provide a lighthearted escape into fantasy, both collection and presentation also have a gritty edge. Traditionally 'beautiful' couture references are put into a raw, young context. Haute Couture meets underground party. The mood is irreverent and almost casual but always elegant: an antidote to doom scrolling.

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Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture, Autumn/Winter 2020: three wardrobes for three mindsets in extraordinary times of change. Viktor&Rolf subvert the traditional catwalk by showcasing this collection in a special haute couture presentation. The collection consists of three different mini wardrobes, each symbolizing a different state of mind. Each wardrobe has three outfits: a nightgown, a dressing gown and a coat. The first of three outfits that together embody a rather somber mood: a feeling of sadness and anger, familiar to many these days. The second group of outfits signales the conflicting emotions. The last three ensembles radiate love for Autumn/Winter 2020. Change is necessary. The world around us is changing rapidly. Whether apocalypse or new spiritual era, you will continue to be able to step into the singular universe of spectacular beauty, unexpected elegance and spiritual glamour of Viktor&Rolf.

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Loosely inspired by Viktor&Rolf's childhood memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and Denise Holly Hobbie-Ulinskas' eponymous '70's illustration character, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2020 has an air of soft poetry and innocent romance. Having nearly exhausted their stock on their previous upcycling couture shows, Viktor&Rolf turned to their archive of fabric samples: tiny pieces of fabric, sent to the House throughout the years for consideration during the development process of their collections. From this archive, Viktor&Rolf selected some of the most luxurious fabric samples that, patched together, make up this collection. Historically, the technique of patchwork originated from frugal necessity: old clothes were cut up in patches and sewn back together in decorative patterns, in order to be used again. By reusing their high-end couture fabric samples in this way, Viktor&Rolf create a surreal paradox that underlines the beauty of imperfection. This collection highlights the creative principle of conscious design. Doing more with less; constraints providing a steppingstone for meaningful creation.

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Spiritual Glamour

Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 further explores Viktor&Rolf’s notion of conscious design with emphasis on ‘Spiritual Glamour’. With the original meaning of the word ‘Glamour’ referring to that of a magic spell, an illusion said to be cast by witches. In this case, the spell is cast to transform a general feeling of doom about the environment into positive action. This collection focusses on the colour black, not just any black, but a multitude of tones centering on the darkest colour of the spectrum. Dyed by Claudy Jongstra in a gently simmering cauldron with plant pigments, her extensive knowledge and experimentation allowed for the re-discovery of the long-lost creation process the famous 'Burgundian Black': the most precious of true blacks based solely on natural ingredients and ancient recipes. The products of her eco-aware practice are used in a series of sculptural coats in an array of voluminous shapes.

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Fashion Statements

An investigation into the expressive power of clothing. This season, Viktor&Rolf present a group of exaggerated romantic tulle dresses. Volumes are grand but airy, with transparent ruffles, flounces and bows. The colourful collection is entirely executed in 8 kilometers of tulle. The silhouettes, sculptural and extreme, ranging from various A-lines to hourglass, are astutely expressive: each dress provides the backdrop for a bold text which is executed in layers of laser cut tulle. These texts are mainly one-liners: slogans with the kind of simplification typical of social media captions or souvenir t-shirts. The juxtaposition of these seemingly unrelated elements results in a typical Viktor&Rolf expression of surreal beauty.

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The Immaculate Collection

An ode to 25 years, Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2018 is a collection of memories, an immaculate renewal of the vows which represent Viktor&Rolf’s longstanding union to fashion. The approach, a typical Viktor&Rolf antithesis speaks to the designer’s personal fascination with time: consciously cherishing the past, yet always looking forward and pushing the boundaries of transformation. Highlights from the past 25 years are refreshed into a total white collection of 25 looks reimagined with Swarovski crystals - ultimately forming an intimate reflection inspired by the creation of the Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 Years exhibition currently at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. A curated selection of iconic pieces from the past 25 years - abiding by the house’s signature design codes - present a timeless and cohesive story celebrating Viktor&Rolf’s conceptual body of work.

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Surreal Satin

Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 is a surreal exploration of the archetypal intimate Haute Couture defilé. The show venue ‘La Gaite Lyrique’ is transformed into a mysterious bal masqué and the collection has a quintessentially Viktor&Rolf twist: everything is rendered in one iconic couture material: satin duchesse. Working with just one fabric might seem opposite to Haute Couture’s spirit of limitless abundance but it actually triggers creativity. After several seasons of exploring recycling, this collection puts forward another vision of conscious design: to make more of less. Limitations stimulate creativity. The Japanese technical satin duchesse has been reworked to create a vibrant eveningwear collection. Bold graphic artworks of stripes and checks, crafted out of meticulous patchwork and weaving, are juxtaposed with organic elements such as flowers and ruffles. All garments are cut on the bias. The lush colour palette of bold contrasts highlights the healing power of colours. The collection is accessorised with custom-made Viktor&Rolf Haute Joaillerie.

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Action Dolls

With Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017, Viktor&Rolf present a parade of Haute Couture Action Dolls. These Action Dolls form a surreal yet playful fashion team of stylised Viktor&Rolf mascots that are rooting for a world that is creative, diverse, and eco-conscious. Their outfits, inspired by a stereotypical and rebellious winter look, consist of a bomber jacket, jeans and a t-shirt styled with a mix of iconic Dr. Martens and custom Viktor&Rolf slippers. Various doll elements, including fabric covered faces and bodies, are fragmented and mingled into an extreme patchwork statement.

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

For Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren continue to delve deeper into their search for "conscious design", utilising vintage cocktail- and eveningwear from various decades as their base material. Existing dresses – oftentimes damaged, with visible signs of wear, are taken apart. Their fragments are pieced back together as surreal collages, restoring their components into new ensembles with unexpected shapes. Repairs are accentuated with gold according to Kintsugi, a principle of Japanese pottery in which beauty arises from imperfection. The focus is placed on finding value in missing pieces, cracks and chips – bringing to light the scars that come from life experiences. Acknowledging the beauty of imperfection is a positive reinforcement, which ultimately renders the original into something more beautiful and more valuable, essentially transforming the imperfect into a thing of beauty.

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Viktor&Rolf’s Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is created using select fabrics and garments from past seasons. Starting from scratch, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren use mementos from a multitude of past collections as a basis for their new creations. Fabrics are torn, mixed up and woven by hand to create new voluminous shapes and textures. Vintage pieces, including items from Viktor&Rolf's own archive, are used as a starting point for elaborately decorated garments. Embroideries consist of dense, organic mixtures of repurposed buttons, beads and crystals.

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Performance of Sculptures

For Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016, the House of Viktor&Rolf further explores the notion of Wearable Art with a surreal merger of sculpture and clothing. This season, the collection explores the idea of the archetypical white polo shirt meeting cubism. Resulting in a collection consisting of a series of form studies where clothing and sculptural elements interact with an increasing degree of complexity. The designs blur the boundaries between garment and sculpture, and question the relationship between wearer and clothing, sometimes overtaking the body and obscuring the face of the wearer. The sculpture is humanized and the wearer, sculpted: thus composing the performance of sculptures.

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Wearable Art

For Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2015, the house of Viktor&Rolf reaffirms the roots as mapped out by Richard Martin 17 years ago. More than ever true to their core, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren use a mingling of fashion and art as a means of expression, presenting a collection of wearable art. Art comes to life in a gallery of surreal proportions. A dress transforms into an artwork, back into a dress and into an artwork again. Poetry becomes reality, morphing back into fantasy.

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Van Gogh Girls

Viktor&Rolf’s Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture collection is inspired by the raw energy of Vincent van Gogh’s exuberant depiction of the rural countryside. Flowerprint A-line babydoll dresses paired with straw hats and flipflops form the basis for a collection of increasingly colourful and sculptural looks.

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