Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture Automne/Hiver 2013

July 3, 2013

Paris, France

With their 20th Anniversary, Viktor&Rolf return to Haute Couture after a 13-year hiatus. Of this occasion, designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren say: “We chose to celebrate our 20th anniversary by looking forward and creating something new – a Haute Couture show as tribute to our collective brand’s history. For us, Haute Couture is like a laboratory for experimentation and pure creation, and a place to where we always wanted to return. Having been in a meditative, reflective mood – we visualized this by creating 20 conceptual outfits that – when combined on stage – create one new piece: a tableau vivant of a Zen Garden. We felt this was a beautiful symbol of mindfulness, serenity and gratitude.”

The 20 looks are executed entirely in a black, technical silk and manipulated in various ways to create the effect of a stone-surface. Every girl in the tableau vivant takes on a different pose and each piece is designed specifically for this posture. This conceptual approach to pattern cutting and designing results, when standing straight, in new volumes and drapes. Extra-large zippers rendered in metal are the only visible, functional accessories on the garments: all closures are executed with magnets. Key pieces in the collection are comprised of articulately hand-crafted miniature piping, made to resemble stylized grass. This labour intensive technique is used as an embroidery, partially or entirely covering garments. All looks are paired with flat, roped sandals, also in the same fabric as the garments.

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