Luxury bridalwear with a fashion edge.


Mariage The Collection

Viktor&Rolf Mariage represents Viktor&Rolf’s artistic interpretation of bridalwear, adhering to the three key brand pillars: Unexpected Elegance, Conceptual Glamour, and Provocative Couture.

Each dress in the collection has an individual, autonomous character. 

Utilizing the French pronunciation of ‘Mariage,’ the collection name pays homage to the brand’s Parisian fashion home whilst highlighting Viktor&Rolf’s deeply rooted fashion heritage as an Haute Couture Maison. Bridalwear has been a red thread throughout the Maison’s collections, most notably as the focus of Viktor&Rolf’s H&M collaboration in 2006 and for the custom wedding dress designed for Princess Mable of Orange-Nassau.

The Viktor&Rolf Mariage Collection is produced in collaboration with Justin Alexander, a global name in wedding dress design and production.


Spring/Summer 2022

With Viktor&Rolf Mariage, fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren introduced bridalwear with a fashion edge. This season, they celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the Mariage collection – through highlighting its modern and glamorous approach to bridalwear with a twist.

This season’s standout, the ‘Duchesse Drama’: Striking high-low gown crafted out of eco-friendly satin duchesse, featuring a flattering strapless neckline with v-slit. The enlarged detachable puffed sleeves and wide draped waistband transforms into a generous signature bow at the back, accentuating the extravagance of the gown. Tiered volants make up the high-low skirt that gives way to a dramatic train.

Viktor&Rolf Mariage Spring/Summer 2022


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Fall/Winter 2021

With Mariage Fall/Winter 2021 fashion artists Viktor&Rolf present a mingling of sculptural garments and light and airy gowns featuring an array of floral embellishments, pearl inspired jewels and eco-friendly materials. This season’s floral story consists of handcrafted flowers crafted from layers of organza, flower volant artworks, graphic guipure floral lace and Marguerite flowers adorned with petite crystal embroideries highlighting a dazzling sparkle. The curated offering of timeless and classic A-line gowns crafted out of rich flower jacquard, Italian faille quality and eco-friendly taffeta feature graphic and clean bodices that give way to voluminous folded tiered volants, organic drapes and dramatic trains. Seasonal bold royal jewel inspired embellishments highlight opulent beauty and give a fashion forward edge to the collection.

Viktor&Rolf Mariage Fall/Winter 2021
1. Viktor&Rolf Mariage FW21 byMarijkeAerden.jpg

Spring/Summer 2021

This season’s Viktor&Rolf Mariage Spring/Summer 2021 collection is inspired by opulent classical gardens. Lavish floral arrangements have been translated into architectural and stylish bridal gowns with a signature Viktor&Rolf twist.

Couture inspired gowns create dramatic statements: clean bodices are juxtaposed with elaborate skirts, sporting tiers and voluminous, folded volants that softly drape into airy bows in the back. Delicate crepe lends the gowns a flattering softer flow through graceful sweep trains. The collection features delicate broderie anglaise embroidery and organza with handcrafted polka dot tulle flowers that cascade down and fade into the airy tulle skirts. Classic lace is reinterpreted in a modern way with graphic lasercut lace borders which adorn fitted satin column dresses and result in sharp silhouettes.

Viktor&Rolf Mariage Spring/Summer 2021

Fall/Winter 2020

With Mariage Fall/Winter 2020 fashion artists Viktor&Rolf present a surreal winter garden by introducing intricate frost interpretations of classic bridal elements and seasonal flower embellishments.

Viktor&Rolf Fall/Winter 2020

Spring/Summer 2020

Mariage Spring/Summer 2020 is an exploration of spectacular beauty characterised by the mingling of signature masculine and feminine elements. The curated offering of dramatic ball gowns, elegant columns, flirty minis and tailored creations present Viktor&Rolf’s singular approach to bridalwear, where the garments are reinterpreted into statement pieces with a surreal Viktor&Rolf twist.

This season offers an elaborate selection of feminine silhouettes adorned with bold stud and crystal embroideries, sculpturally draped constructions, and an abundance of intricate broderie anglaise flowers cascading down the gowns. Signature sculptural creations are infused with feminine and masculine motifs and an evolution of Viktor&Rolf’s signature tulle ruffle artworks. New fabrics such as lurex jersey, shiny mikado and tulle are introduced that bring a lightness to the entire Mariage collection.

Viktor&Rolf Spring/Summer 2020
8. Viktor_Rolf_MariageVI_by_Marijke_Aerden_Look 11B_0889_C2_sRGB.jpg

Fall/Winter 2019

Mariage Fall/Winter 2019 explores Viktor&Rolf’s surreal approach to luxury design for special moments. Signature Mariage ideals are highlighted in a robust offering of beautiful gowns, flirty minis and classic pantsuits. The iconic bow - a staple of Viktor&Rolf creations - completes the fashion forward edge of the collection. Flower motifs are interpreted in various expressions: bold couture flowers, blooming oversized flowers and graphic millefeuille flowers.

The silhouette, built on the premise of simple volume, is rendered in a typical Viktor&Rolf approach: sculptural and dramatic. A bold new treatment of lace is introduced with this season’s standout patchwork lace, an inherently feminine material that is treated in a graphic way, with opaque volume that is both transparent and fragmented.

Viktor&Rolf Fall/Winter 2019
13. Sculptural Mikado gown.jpg

Spring/Summer 2019

Viktor&Rolf Mariage SS19 is an intricate offering of bold and striking silhouettes. Sculptural creations are embellished with delicate embroideries and signature elements such as classic tulle, iconic bows, patchwork volumes & feminine flower motifs.

Viktor&Rolf Spring/Summer 2019

Fall/Winter 2018

This season, sophisticated constructions give way to silhouettes that are both sculptural and graphic. Fabrics are structured, and embellishments are bold and textural. Signature dramatic bows are draped and integrated within the patterns, a feat that is both eye catching and technically challenging. Delicate embellishments of 3D plexiglass flowers and crystals are the statement of the season, with the use of plexiglass an as unconventional material turned into a couture artwork, a signature Viktor&Rolf approach to craftsmanship.

Viktor&Rolf Fall/Winter 2018
V&R MARIAGE by Marijke Aerden_Look 3_0056_RGB_LR.jpg

Spring/Summer 2018

Fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren continue their evolution of bridalwear, with each dress in the collection presenting an individual, autonomous character, each with her own striking silhouette. The offering, comprised of graphic A-line dresses, elegant column dresses, voluminous ballgowns, sharp tailored jumpsuits and flirty short dresses, features a further development of iconic Viktor&Rolf design elements such as graphic bows, volants, and bold embroideries.

Viktor&Rolf Spring/Summer 2018
LOOK 21_V&R-Mariage-by Marijke Aerden_Look 21_C2_Couple_sRGB.jpg

Fall/Winter 2017

With Viktor&Rolf Mariage Fall/Winter 2017, fashion artists Viktor&Rolf debut their first ever bridal collection - an exploration of iconic Viktor&Rolf elements inspired by classic couture influences. Unexpected Elegance, Conceptual Glamour, and Provocative Couture set the tone for the new collection, resulting in a romantic and sculptural range of classic and feminine designs with a surreal Viktor&Rolf twist.

Viktor&Rolf Mariage Fall/Winter 2017

The Bow

The Bow

V&R MARIAGE by Marijke Aerden_Look 21_0074_RGB_LR.jpg

The Bow


The Bow


The Bow

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The Bow


The Bow

The Flower

The Flower

LOOK 12_1Front_V&R-Mariage-by Marijke Aerden_727_C3_LR_sRGB.jpg

The Flower

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 11.54.28 AM.png

The Flower


The Flower

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 11.49.53 AM.png

The Flower


The Flower

The Volant

The Volant


The Volant


The Volant

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.46.20 PM.png

The Volant

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.49.16 PM.png

The Volant

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.46.37 PM.png

The Volant

The Sculptural

The Sculptural

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.59.48 PM.png

The Sculptural

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.59.59 PM.png

The Sculptural


The Sculptural

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 1.00.12 PM.png

The Sculptural


The Sculptural