It consists of sculptural garments that take Viktor&Rolf's abstract approach to silhouette to the maximum.

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The Viktor&Rolf Autumn/Winter'24/'25 Haute Couture collection was created from the desire to express a certain absurdism. It consists of sculptural garments that take Viktor&Rolf's abstract approach to silhouette to the maximum. The exploration of the couture silhouette runs like a red thread through Viktor&Rolf’s body of work. This season, in particular, draws inspiration from their breakthrough F/W 1998 'Atomic Bomb' collection, as depicted on the official show invitation. Over the past 26 years, the silhouette has evolved further, becoming more abstract. The human body intersects with three-dimensional, abstract geometric shapes like cubes, triangles, and spheres—building blocks drawn from the realms of constructivism and cubism, as well as from a child's block set. A new, human yet abstract ‘body’ emerges, and the clothes in this collection adapt to it. Geometric shapes inspire the creation of new and abstract designs, including panniers, shoulder pads, collars, and necklines. A wealth of contrasting colors and prints emphasizes and gives autonomy to each element within these lighthearted outfits. They form spontaneous and slightly absurd compositions, blending elements of clothing with abstraction, aiming to clear the viewer's mind from the past and encourage free exploration.

The soundtrack underscores the abstract vibe of the presentation with a human voice vocalizing monosyllables, hinting at lyrics whose meaning remains mysterious. Fabrics are noble, artworks are bold and graphic, as is the color scheme: rich and more colourful than ever before.

Reflecting the fabrics and colors of the garments, each look is finished with custom Christian Louboutin heels in colored satin. Models take the runway in polka dot tights by Falke, complementing the abstract constructions of this season.


viktor & rolf fashion website image viktor & rolf fashion website image
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